Invisalign First

We have seen Invisalign come a long way from its first applications. Invisalign for Adults and Invisalign for Teens have proven great results and happy patients but can your child use Invisalign for orthodontic treatment? Yes! Invisalign First is used in the first phase of a two-phase orthodontic treatment and is available for 6-10-year-olds.

If your child has been recommended for orthodontic care, early intervention could be the key to quicker revision and long-lasting results. In this two-phase approach, your child will be assessed for Invisalign First.

Some of the most common Phase 1 corrections include:

  • Dental – arch development, space/crowding (anterior alignment) 
  • Skeletal – Class II (mandibular advancement), Class III, palatal expansion 
  • Habit correction (thumb sucking, tongue thrusting)

If your child has any of the above-needed corrections Invisalign First might be a great option for interceptive treatment. Early treatment often is in the patient’s best interest, especially if the issue could get worse over time. By getting to the issue before further damage occurs it likely will intercept the developing problem, and eliminate the cause.

Phase 1 with Invisalign First can help guide the growth of facial and jawbones, and provide adequate space for incoming permanent teeth. Phase 2 is conducted after all permanent teeth have come in to ensure those teeth move into their best positions to achieve the desired result.

Why Consider Invisalign for Kids?
If your child could benefit from early intervention it is important to weigh traditional braces versus Invisalign Clear Aligners. Clear aligners often offer comfort for your kids and can be more hygienic as your brushing practices remain the same. Additionally, emergency appointments and bracket and wire breakage are no longer a concern.

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